Local Pc Repairs

Pc Repairs Hervey Bay

Local Pc Repairs

No need to disconnect your PC and all it’s cables – We come to you, for all Pc Repairs Hervey Bay !

We start on the software – And clean up your ‘temp’ folders giving you precious storage space back. If you’ve got programs on your PC that you no longer use, We can delete them as part of this service.

We get rid of the bits of ‘junk’ that internet connected computers get bogged down with.

Once we have sorted all the software niggles and tidied up your files and folders, we spring clean it inside and out, remove all the dust and fluff that builds up inside the PC – this will be done taking care not to damage any of the delicate components that are inside your computer.

With a little TLC, We can get your PC back into tip-top condition.

Pc Health Check

A Health check is available usually same day or next day, we come to you – or you can drop off your PC.

Keeping your pc in top condition will save you time and money,  we can tech you how to do this when we come to you for Pc Repairs Hervey Bay.
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