Computer Repairs Burrum Heads

Computer Repairs Burrum Heads

Dan’s Pc Services now offers computer setup services in Burrrum Heads, hardware installation services, and computer upgrade. We have flexible scheduling for fast, onsite computer service in your home or office in Burrum Heads Queensland. Contact us today to make an appointment with an expert computer technician phone 0477063039, No call out fee’s just a $90.00 minim charge applies.

New Computer Setup

Don’t only call us when something bad happens, call us when you purchase your new computer and we can set everything up for you. Call us today at 0477063039 and see what our technicians can do for you and we come to you for all Computer Repairs Burrum Heads. We will unpack your computer from its box, set it up where you want it, configure the system, install security software and your computer will be ready to use with no hassle.


Everything is neatly set up for you.
Takes the burden out of buying a new computer and setting it all up.
Virus security software can be installed for home users at a low cost.
Your computer is setup and ready before you ever use it.

Preventing data loss and maintaining easy access to data is crucial. We offer services that will prevent the anguish of loosing data, and keep your important information handy and secure. Our skilled technicians will make things easier by transferring your data to your new computer, external hard drive, or the storage of your choice. We can also backup your data and setup automatic backup, so you’ll never have to worry about data loss if something happens to your computer. Data transfer service to computer, external hard drive, USB drive, or other storage Transfer data between different devices and computer types.

Peripherals & hardware installation

We can install, setup, and update printers, internal hardware, surround sound, and any other computer device. Call us today at 0477063039.

Some of our services include:

Printer maintenance and repair
Troubleshoot and repair device networking problems
Virus removal and cleaning
WIFI setup and extenders

We can also replace your broken laptop screen, so give us a call today for any of your computer repairs in Burrum Heads Queensland phone 0477063039.

We also remove viruses

Viruses and Trojans and malware – Oh My!! The internet is a scary place, and Dan’s Pc Services can make it a little bit safer. Removal of viruses is our specialty. We will remove your malicious software, repair any known problems, and secure your computer for future use.

A typical virus removal service will include:

Remove all viruses & malware from the computer.
Fix known system errors caused by the malware removed.
Advise customer on the best antivirus to use and purchase.

Performance Optimization

Computers sometimes become filled up with too many tasks, and too much stuff to sort through (sound familiar?). Computers that have become slow can become faster with a computer optimization service from Dan’s Pc Services. Our technicians will turn your older computer into a leaner, meaner machine by stopping programs from loading at start-up, uninstalling old unnecessary programs, and start a defragmentation of the hard drive for a faster, more efficient access to data.

Our optimization service:

Adjusts settings so your computer runs smoothly.
Increases system speed
Blocks unnecessary start-up applications
Installs the latest updates

Why not give us a call today and see what, Dan’s Pc Services can do for you in the Burrum Heads area call now 0477063039.
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