Computer Repairs Torbanlea

Computer Repairs Torbanlea

Our computer technicians travel to you, for all computer repairs and software errors. We can also fix that broken laptop screen or keyboard if needed.
Why not give us a call today and book in your next computer service, with Dan’s Pc Services now servicing Torbanlea no call out fee’s, a $90.00 minim cost charge applies per repair, call us today PH 0477063039.

A few of the Computer Repair Services we offer include:

Virus Removal and Protection Services
Connectivity Problems (network and WIFI)
New Hardware Installations and Repairs
Software Repairs and Re-installations
Operating System Repair including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
Interior Computer Cleaning (remove dust and buildup)
Screen and Keyboard Replacements
Computer Restore service
Optimization and system clean up

Computer Restore Service

A complete computer restoration is sometimes necessary when a computer is too problematic to repair. There are many reasons for this to be necessary, but the most frequent causes include data corruption, malicious software, and accidentally deleted files. Our skilled technicians will restore your computers software to its original state. All data will be erased, so data recovery service may be required.

The restore service includes:

Operating system re-installation
Hardware driver installation
Original software installation
Data transfer service is recommended

Data Services

The loss of data can be devastating, Dan’s Pc Services can recover all kinds of data on all types of storage. Did you delete something you shouldn’t have? We can recover some deleted files for a short time after being deleted, however, some data may be lost just by using the device that the deleted data was in, so it is best that the device is not used, and that we are contacted right away. All of our services are done in the safety of your house where you can watch and make sure your data is safe. Data recovery can take a lot of time and cost can mount up quite fast, please call 0477063039 for Computer Repairs Torbanlea and more information on our services.

Data recovery services include:

Data transfer
Un-delete services
Data backup restoration
Data backup setup

Network setup and repair

Dan’s Pc Services understands that a computer network can be crucial to a home office or business, that is why we have network specialists ready to set up or fix your network. Share files, printers, internet connections and more with attached devices on your very own computer network. We can set up wired networks, WIFI networks with security, bluetooth devices, mobile broadband cards, and cellphones as modems. Call today at 0477063039 for more information about what our networking services can do for you in your home or office at Torbanlea.

Available services:

Network troubleshooting & setup
Internet device configuration
Networked printer setup
Secure wireless networking setup

Virus removal, repair and protection

Dan’s Pc Services has malicious software removal experts, viruses, Trojans and other malware are no problem for our specialty selected team of computer repair technicians. With our on-site service, your computer will usually be up and running the same day we come out, unless your computer is deeply infected and we may need to clean it over night and bring it back to you. Let us save your computer from needing to be wiped clean by successfully removing your viruses and other bad software.

Service includes:

Virus and malware removal and repair
Home users receive advise on the best antivirus protection.
Training and advice about viruses and how to avoid them.
Set up the computer to be more secure in the future.

Computer viruses are caused by many things and come from many places. Some similarities between all of them is that they are unwanted intrusions, hard to remove, and a security risk for anyone unfortunate enough to have personal data stored on the infected computer. Our skilled technicians remove viruses and fix the mess they left behind, we even provide antivirus software for home users to purchase so you are protected before we leave. Give us a call today on 0477063039.

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