AMD processor – AMD CPU

AMD processor

The AMD processor has become a serious challenge for processors manufacturers and a bargain for users like you. You can build budget computers or upgrade your old one, AMD CPU allows you to save enough money without sacrificing performance. You’ll be mislead, in thinking that inexpensive means inferior in quality: AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has deliberately chosen to satisfy your interest of self-builder. Like any other manufacturers, AMD processors market competitive processors making allowance for usual factors you consider before buying. In addition to satisfy these specifications, The AMD CPU wanted to be available for when price is your highest priority while advantage of the following factors are guaranteed.

Clock speed

If you usually rate the quality of processor by its clock speed you won’t buy AMD processors. It is always a source of confusion for users and it is worth thinking over. You simply have to know that lower AMD’s clock speed is balancing by having a higher instruction per cycle (IPC) rating. So don’t worry if your AMD CPU runs only at 2.1 GHZ, you’ll have the same performance equivalent to a 2.6 GHZ competitor.

Front Side Bus (FSB)

This indicator is eventually present in the AMD technology for the purpose of measuring the speed of data transferring between the CPU and the RAM memory.
Don’t be surprised if you find AMD processors without Front Side Bus. By example if you buy the newer AMD Athlon-64s you won’t find FSB because the processor is able to establish communication directly with the RAM.

Level-2 Cache or L2 Cache

AMD processors use cache as external memory that resides on the memory and store the data you frequently use. L2 cache avoids your computer to get bogged down when it is processing fast applications like today’s games.A range of different L2 cache capacity is available with AMD processors from 64 KB to 1 MB. So you know now you can increase your computer performance by adding an AMD processor with the larger of L2 cache you intend to have.

The Core name

AMD markets processors as families and different versions are available for each family. As the specifications are different the Core name allows you to do the better choice.By example if you want to purchase a Sempron, many versions are available in terms of specifications such as Thoroughbred, Paris, Thornton or Palermo.Of the more interest nowadays is the Athlon 64 and you’ll find it in different core names such as Clawhammer, Newcastle, or Sledgehammer.

The Socket

The AMD socket refers to the configuration of your processor slot. Why it is so important to consider the socket? Simply to avoid you buying the wrong motherboard to attach your processor.Nothing will work if your motherboard is not compatible to your processor. So when you see these AMD processors sockets such as 754, 939 or socket A…you automatically know what mainboard is accommodable to attach it.

Are you in a much better position to make a better choice? Not really! I’d like to propose you to consider as well other factors before buying. It’s always good to know a lot about the AMD technology just to have an idea of what kind of features and enhancements you can have access to. Now you can see the reason why it is an ideal processor to use when building your personal computers or upgrading your old one. Go enjoy it!!

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