WIFI Network Setup

Wireless Networks Hervey Bay

Your WIFI Network will be set up using the strongest security encryption possible – this stops your neighbours and anyone nearby using your internet connection or snooping on your files.

We can also supply a suitable wireless router, install it, test the security/encryption and connect up the PC’s/Laptops to your new, secure WIFI network. We also can supply and fit long-distance WIFI range extenders, and access points for Hotels, Motels, Units and large outdoor areas.

Setting Up Home Networks

Home networks make it easy for you to share information, media, and equipment throughout your house. Instead of carrying your laptop from room to room just to print a document, you can create home networks that will let you print from anywhere in the house. Setting up home networks can also allow you to share media between the computers in your house. That means you can stream music from the computer upstairs to the one in your basement rumpus room without running wires throughout the house.

Home Network Set-Up Made Easy

Before you even get starting on home networks, you should put any anxiety out of your mind. Setting up home networks is easier than you think it is. As long as you can follow some fairly simple instructions, you can set up a computer network in your home. If you’re a bit nervous, then take a deep breath and read through the directions below. By the end you’ll see that the task is easy enough for anyone to accomplish.

Determine What You Need From Home Networks

First, you need to determine what you need from home networks. Some of the questions that you should ask yourself include

» How many computers do I want on the network?
» Do I want a WIFI network or one that uses cables to connect the machines?
» What hardware do I currently have and what do I need to buy for my home network.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make informed decisions when you set up home networks.

WIFI Vs. Wired Home Networks

Wireless home networks are usually easier to set up than wired options because you don’t need to worry about running wires all over the house. There are, however, some disadvantages to wireless networks that you should consider. Wireless home networks, for instance, are not as fast as those that are wired. Wireless networks also pose larger security threats, especially when you don’t set up a password and firewall to keep out intruders.

Choosing Equipment for Home Networks

If you have decided to set up a wireless network for your home, then you will need to purchase a wireless router that can communicate with all the computers, printers, modems, and other machines. It’s best to choose a wireless router made by a well-known company such as Netgear or TP Link. These products are often more reliable than those made by obscure companies. It is also easier to get assistance for products made by popular companies.

After you purchase a wireless router, you will need to hook it up to your broadband modem. Make sure that both pieces of equipment are on and check your computers, printers, and other machines to make sure that they recognize the network’s existence. Many computers and computer accessories come with built in wireless cards. If yours do not, then you will have to purchase a card that will allow your computer to communicate with home networks.

Set Up Security for Your Home Network

Now that your home network is up and running, you should protect it with a unique password. Don’t use your address, phone number, social security number, birth date, or other piece of information that someone could guess. Home networks protected by randomly generated passwords are usually the most secure.

Connect Other Devises

We connect any number of additional PC’s/Laptops/Games Consoles to your new, secure wireless network whilst on-site.

 We make getting your WIFI Network setup, up and running a easy process so you can enjoy the internet with-out wires all over the place.

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