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We start on the software – And clean up your ‘temp’ folders giving you precious storage space back. If you’ve got programs on your PC that you no longer use, We can delete them as part of this service. We get rid of the bits of ‘junk’ that internet connected computers get bogged down with.

Once we have sorted all the software niggles and tidied up your files and folders, we spring clean it inside and out, remove all the dust and fluff that builds up inside the PC – this will be done taking care not to damage any of the delicate components that are inside your computer.

Pc Health Check

A Health check is available usually same day or next day, we come to you – or you can drop off your PC.

If you live in the area and your computer is in need of an upgrade, you can get professional services from one of the best computer upgrade and repair companies in the region. Keeping your PC at the forefront without having to resort to purchasing a new desktop or laptop. Here are just a few of the different types of upgrades that can be performed on your computer.

Graphics Card

One of the most popular upgrade features, installing a new graphics card will enable your computer to utilize better video and gaming quality along with increasing the connect options for your monitor. This means you can get a new monitor with a better graphics display if you want.

Motherboard & CPU Processor

Upgrading the CPU processor will have your computer running faster and smooth out the other functions of your computer as well. However, the motherboard and CPU processor are tied together so if you may have to upgrade both in order to get the speed you need. Generally speaking, upgrades to the motherboard alone are rarely, if ever needed.

Hard Drive

This is generally the most common upgrades for computer as you add more storage room for the various programs you run and items you save. For many people, upgrading their hard drive is a necessity since they have far more items to save. Plus, newer hard drives allows for computers to start more quickly and run faster overall as well.


Nearly as popular as hard drive upgrades are increases in the Random Access Memory or RAM. Upgrading the RAM allows for more applications to be run at the same time, improves the overall speed of the computer and even helps with the stability as well. Generally speaking, most computers do not come with a great deal of RAM which means that any significant upgrade will have positive effects.

Optical Drive

The optical drive can be best described as CD or DVD burners. This is a some what less common upgrade for newer computers as many of them have fast CD and DVD burners. However, for those who want to utilize the power of the new Blu-Ray discs, having a new Blu-Ray optical drive would be of great benefit when doing a full computer upgrade.

Operating System

Another very popular upgrade for computers, especially older one is boosting the quality of the operating system. This allows for the computer to handle the new programs and hardware more properly and faster as well. Plus, you can get access to the latest features and security to run on your computer or laptop.If you are thinking about getting a new computer because your old one seems out of date, you can actually save money. By using this professional service, the computer experts can give your PC a full overhaul and have it run like new with faster speeds, better features and tougher security measures.

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