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Secure Remote Computer Support and Computer Help

For many years, it has been normal for large companies and organizations to have access to secure remote support and computer help services. Because these companies have large budgets compared to the average individual they can afford to keep a staff of computer experts or hire a company to provide secure remote support services.

However, while this has been the case for large companies and it has provided ample support for their needs, most individual users have been left to fend for themselves and solve their computer problems on their own. The unfortunate part is most individual users have just as much need for quality computer help as large companies do.

Computers have become much more complicated than they were years ago. There are a number of extra software programs that add functionality, different operating systems and a whole range of settings that need to be correct. Additionally, there are many different devices we now use with our computers and internet capable devices.

Common Reasons For Remote Computer Support:

Initial Computer Setup

The initial setup process for most computers according to the manufacturers is relatively simple. In fact, so simple that most computers do not even come with a user’s manual anymore. While this may technically be true as all you have to do is power on a computer and it will walk you through the first steps of the setup process, it is not 100% correct.

If you only use the steps provided by the automatic setup process built into your machine, your machine will work fine, for a while. The problem with this is it does not cover a whole range of issues that can be problematic causing security and functionality issues. Almost all users have a whole range of third-party software that is important for how they use a computer.

All of that software needs to be installed, configured for compatibility and checked to ensure the settings are safe. Additionally, antivirus, spyware, malware and rootkit software protection needs to be addressed. Having just a single program to fight off virus infections is no longer sufficient in most cases. It takes a combination of software and the right type. You also want to make sure the software does not hinder the performance of your machine and leave you with a slow and underperforming computer.

Internet Connections

Whether you are dealing with a home wireless network, mobile internet or a home office network of some kind ensuring your network is properly configured and safe is vital to properly operating your computer system. There are many aspects to not only securing your network connection but also making sure you are achieving the optimum speed that your machine and network is capable of. Settings for your DNS server, measuring latency and defining if your system uses IPV4 or IPV6 connections are all important factors in how fast your connection is.

Of course, if you do not know what latency is and have never heard of IPV4 or IPV6 connections it may difficult for you to properly configure a network without many hours of research. Thus, an affordable secure remote support and computer help service can be exactly what you need when you are in need of Remote Computer Support.

Data Backup and Data Recovery

A lot of talk surrounding data backup refers to security, but what about convenience? Computers exist to make our life easier and more convenient but if you lose all your important data due to a computer failure, then that would not be convenient at all. This can easily happen with even a new computer. It is not unheard of for a hard drive to fail on a computer that is only a few weeks old. Therefore, it is vital to make sure you have a reliable backup of your data available at all times. Additionally, it is important to ensure if a failure does occur, you can easily access the data without jumping through a lot of hoops.

You may hear a lot of talk about all the security measures that backup services use and that is great. However, just as important is being able to access data quickly and being able to quickly restore that data onto your machine so you can use it again. This is an aspect often missed by many who have never gone through a PC failure of any kind, but it is a very important aspect. All the security measures in the world are wonderful, but a system that is so secure that you cannot even access your data does not do you much good in the end. As with most things in life, there is a balance.

Work and Personal Data

From a practical point of view, more employees have work and personal data on their computers than ever before. This may or may not actually be allowed by their employers, but it is a fact of life at this point. Most of the time this is simply because employees are accessing work systems while at home and catching up on their work in off hours. They are dedicated and want to do a good job so they put in that little extra effort.

However, if this the case it is imperative to have a secure remote support service on hand that can help you retrieve data or fix any potential problems you are having while working with company files. Working and catching up on your off hours is good, but if you create a problem while doing it then it may not be looked upon in such a positive light.

There are many reasons individual users need a reliable and affordable secure remote support service and that is exactly what we provide. Our professional computer technicians offer a secure environment where they can help the average individual with computer issues of any kind and do it in an affordable fashion. If you need help setting up a new computer, a new printer or simply troubleshooting a random error, then do not hesitate to contact us and let us show you how easy it is to use our services.

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