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How to get rid of malware?

Anyone who has been using a computer, either for work, for home, or both, for awhile understands the long history of security threats faced by computer owners. It seems that we spend more and more time eliminating viruses, patching operating systems and getting rid of malware than ever before.

While there have been a lot of computer viruses around not long after the internet computer existed, as PCs and other computing devices become more integrated into our lives the security issues just seem to grow and grow.

What can the average computer user do?

Fortunately for all us computer users there are a number of excellent products to get rid of malware, and most of them are quite affordable to buy and very simple to use.

Some of these programs to get rid of malware are standalone programs, often manufactured by software companies who specialize in eliminating malicious programs from home and business computers.

Other software products that promise to get rid of malware do so as part of an integrated security suite. These integrated security solutions often incorporate anti virus protection, a software firewall, and spyware detection programs, all in one easy to use and easy to update format.

Which approach is the best?

Both the standalone programs to get rid of malware and the integrated security suites have their advantages and disadvantages. One big advantage of the all in one approach is convenience. Instead of running one program to get rid of viruses, another to get rid of malware and still another to act as a firewall, you can run one single program to accomplish all three important goals.

A significant drawback of this integrated approach, however, is that if there is a security flaw or software bug in the product it is likely to affect the functionality of all the products. For instance, if the anti virus program is found to contain a security issue itself, chances are that issue will also affect the ability of the product to get rid of malware and to protect your computer from intrusion.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use an all in one approach or approach the problem in a piecemeal fashion will be up to each individual user. Some users are more comfortable using a separate program to get rid of viruses and another to get rid of malware, and these users may feel that the rewards of such an approach outweigh the drawbacks. It is important to evaluate each program based on its merits, and to make a decision based on your own needs.

The bottom line

No matter which approach you choose, however, the key thing to remember is that you need protection, and you need to be able to detect and get rid of malware at all times. The internet provides a great many important benefits, but there are risks as well. It is vital to be informed about the risks you face, and to take steps to eradicate them.

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