Intel CPU – Intel Processor

Intel processors has took the lion’s share of the processor market in spite of competing products. So for building or upgrading your PC, Intel CPU are not only a brand name. It’s a guarantee to find high-performance processors for your particular requirements. Intel market a range of processors capable to satisfy the usual factors you may consider before purchasing any CPU.

Clock speed

Intel offer different performance level of speed to make easy a range of choice at your convenience. From 3.8 GHz to 4.0 GHz you can decide how fast the processor can process your data.

Front Side Bus (FSB)

As an other important performance indicator you should be looking at, FSB measured the speed transferred between the CPU and the RAM memory. It operates as a memory hub or a channel and you can choose Intel processors with a variation of FSB from 2200 GHZ to 6000 GHz.

Level-2 Cache or L2 Cache

L2 Cache is a temporary storage area your Intel processors use to store your frequently used data. So you can have a much more quick access to your data without having access your RAM. By the way L2 Cache is an area of considerably fast memory. The Intel CPU can give you access to your PC at different L2 Cache capacity with a range from 2 MB up to 6MB. So the larger of the capacity of the L2 Cache, the better performance you can get.

The Core name

Intel uses the Core I name to identify the purposes of each family to facilitate your choice. By example if you want to purchase a Core I3 or Core I7 many versions are available in terms of specifications such as Nehalem, Westmere, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake microarchitectures. Of the more interest now days is the Core I range and you’ll find it in different core names such as Nehalem, Westmere, Sandy Bridge.

The Socket number

The sockets are providing by the motherboard which enables you to connect the CPU to the system. So when you see these Intel processors sockets number such as , 1150,1151,2011 …you automatically know what mainboard is accommodable to attach it.

Now you are in a much better situation to make a good choice. However there are other factors you ought to consider as well. Some of the Intel processors models are simple while others come with features and enhancements. If you are so curious or are looking for much better technology, you can find much more details on the Intel processor identification page.

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