Choosing a Router

This is one extremely important thing, without you can’t imagine life these days. That thing connects us with the rest of the world, no matter where you are. This little device, you already know as wireless router. A router is a device that forwards data packets between two networks. But, a wireless router is actually a device designed to be wireless access point and network switch.

The connection is provided wirelessly, through audio waves. It is a part of wired LAN, in a wireless only LAN or in joint wired/wireless network. Today, almost every home has at least one wireless router. That’s why there are many brands on the market. So, today, the question is how to buy the prefect wireless router for your home? Keep reading for the best facts about wireless routers on the market, things you must consider when choosing one and top 5 best wireless routers in the market.


Before buying a wireless router you must ask yourself how much do you use internet and for what, how many computers do you have, do you even need a wireless router. A wireless router is complicated little device with many specifications that can affect on its performance. One of the basic thing you must consider when buying one wireless router are: speed & range, single & dual band, size & style, brands. Here are some basic information about terms relating to the routers.


Wireless routers measure their speed in megabits per second (Mbps) and that is standard. Older devices use a standard known as 802.11b and its maximum data rate is 11Mbps. Some newer devices use a standard, called IEEE 802.11ac with maximum data rate 1300Mbps, which is enough for sending files fast. The newest wireless connections are Wireless AC1900, and their maximum data rate is 1300 Mbps. This is enough to send music and video in short time. Range is important to everybody with a wireless router, you need your internet connection to reach the other end of your house and still have a fast connection.


Wireless signal works on two frequency bands, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. First band is great when you don’t use internet that often and you have little numbers of laptops and other technology gadgets connected through your Wi-Fi to the internet. On the other side, there are routers that use both, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, so-called dual band. If you have larger expectations of your wireless router, than you should definitely choose dual band. Best wireless router with dual band can give you faster speed, wider range and better performance. Dual band routers are more expensive than single band, due to their performance and strength.


In almost every household wireless routers are installed in a visible area of the house, possibly in the center for better range in the house. So it is quite normal for customers to demand a great and attractive design of their router. The router isn’t just for providing internet, it also has one aesthetic task. That’s why on the market you have big routers, small routers, rigid routers or some elegant routers.

This fact isn’t the most important fact when buying router, but it is a thing you must consider as well. There are some companies on the market that can call themselves brands. It is important that they offer great quality product and most important thing, that their best wireless router is compatible to other technology devices that people use every day.

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