Remote PC Access

What is Remote PC Repair?

So your computer isn’t working again. It’s annoying, but it’s not the end of the world. There are any number of reasons a computer might not be working. It could be a hardware problem, a software problem, or simply user error. If you had a technician right in your house, this would be no big deal. They could look at your computer, diagnose the problem, come up with a solution, and have you on your way.

Of course, you don’t have a technician in your house, which means in the past, you either had to talk to someone on the phone and try to explain the problem, which could take years off your life, or send the computer into the repair shop.

The PC Repair Solution

Fortunately, the modern world provides an incredible solution that sidesteps these problems and creates a situation where it is almost like there IS a technician in your house. It’s called remote PC repair, and it has revolutionized the way people get support for their computers.

What Is Remote PC Access?

Remote PC Access repair is a method of repair in which a user gives the repair technician access to their computer through a remote desktop connection. The repairman logs into the PC and both the user and repairman can operate the desktop. In this way, the user can easily show the technician what the problem is and the technician doesn’t have to struggle with trying to explain to the user what he wants the user to do to try and fix it.

Benefits to Remote PC Repair

One of the main benefits to remote PC access is that it often allows problems to be resolved quickly and easily. If you are paying for tech support by time, this can add up to considerable savings. It also means that the user gets to keep access to his computer at all times, and many people can’t live an hour without their computers, let alone weeks. The technicians like it because it saves them time as well, and they can get more work done.

What Problems Can Be Solved with Remote PC Repair?

Hardware problems cannot be solved with remote PC repair, since there is no way for the technician to physically repair your computer remotely. However, the technician may be able to determine whether or not you do have a hardware problem through a remote hook-up.

Problems commonly solved through remote PC repair include removing viruses and spyware, optimizing your computer to increase speed by removing unnecessary programs, helping with installation of new programs, and resolving user errors or confusion. Next time you have a problem with your computer, before sending it off, try remote PC repair. One note, the repairman will be able to see anything on your desktop, so if you have anything private on there that you do not want others to see, remove it before starting the repair .

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